Design A Perfect Farmhouse Bathroom 

The unique ambience of the Farmhouse aesthetic continues to intrigue without any signs of abating. This approachable, lived-in look calls for thoughtful curation to achieve the calm, comforting space that makes Farmhouse design so appealing. When planning a bathroom that exudes Farmhouse charm, start with layered textures, rich materials, and crisp, clean colors. Add accents that invoke a sense of belonging and nostalgia. We invite you to read on and discover decorating suggestions to create a Farmhouse Bathroom that satisfies your style and soothes your sensibilities.

farmhouse bathroom

Farmhouse design is not limited to a single vision. Its essence exudes a feeling that transcends design boundaries. Here are three overarching looks that maintain the Farmhouse vibe:


1. Industrial Farmhouse

Metal, concrete and brick provide textural interest in an otherwise minimalist space. Keep it cozy with the soft lines that define beautiful fixtures. Add the warmth of wood and a pristine color palette to maintain a connection between sparse and soothing.


2. Modern Farmhouse

The perfect balance of industrial and rustic Farmhouse design, this hybrid style is light and airy, incorporating traditional elements that include patterned tile floors or touches of wood. The beauty of this rendition is the flexibility to create a highly personal space.


3. Rustic Farmhouse

For the quintessential Farmhouse bathroom, reclaimed wood, barn doors, traditional sinks, and wallpaper are key elements to build upon. Soften the ruggedness of wood with simple tiles, curved shapes and a pale palette to pull it all together beautifully.


Your home is a reflection of who you are. Expand that view with a Farmhouse style that meets your everyday needs and nestles comfortably within the design parameters of your home.

farmhouse bathroom

What Walls Work

Whether you prefer walls that wow or simply set the stage, there a wonderful Farmhouse options available to create the perfect look.


Beadboard and Shiplap

Sometimes thought to be interchangeable, these two wood walls are very different, resulting in a more classic look with beadboard, and a more rustic feeling with shiplap. Here is what to look for when deciding:

is a type of wood paneling recognized for its narrow strip and alternating bead patters similar to pinstripes. Available in large sheets, much like traditional paneling, it features tongue and groove edges that fit snugly together with no discernable gaps when installed.

, in its original form, is a wide wooden plank with lengthwise rabbet joints that fit together, stacked horizontally or vertically, with minimal gaps between the boards for a more casual look.



With an endless variety of patterns to choose from, wallpaper is an excellent way to make this space uniquely yours. Birds, botanicals, textured solids, brick or shiplap styles are just a few of the patterns that offer visual interest and ground your bathroom in authentic Farmhouse style.



Never underestimate the power of paint to transform the personality of a room. This is especially true when creating a bathroom specific to the Farmhouse aesthetic. While natural light and spaciousness are key factors in choosing a color, look beyond white to set the mood. Farmhouse style lends itself beautifully to the pale end of the spectrum. If you love sage green, light grey, soft cream, or petal pink, go for it.

farmhouse bathroom

Flooring Afoot

Farmhouse style purposely deviates from the shiny and new in favor of a feeling that exudes familiarity and comfort. To achieve the lived-in look that reflects those feelings, opt for tile, cement, oak, or plank floors. Like Farmhouse style itself, these back-to-basic materials offer enduring style and durability.

farmhouse bathroom

Bathing Beauties

Perhaps the single most important element when curating an authentic Farmhouse bathroom is the perfect bathtub. Freestanding tubs, such as clawfoot, slipper, or pedestal fit beautifully with a Farmhouse design. The DXV Oakhill Soaking Tub is a superb example. For a deep dive into what to consider when buying a soaking tub, check out our article here.

farmhouse bathroom

Vanities Fair

The perfectly curated vanity, sink and faucet combination adds statement-making style to your Farmhouse design while bringing superior functionality to your everyday life. Consider the exposed console and traditional sinks. Lending unmistakable charm and a sense of authenticity, these designs transcend time and trends. Farmhouse style is equally appealing in a small space or powder room. This classic white oak vanity and wall mount bath faucet prove the point beautifully. Perfect in size and style it also offers plenty of storage for the essentials.



Finishing Touches

No look is complete without the perfect accessories and Farmhouse style is no exception. Try bronze sconces and caged lights to create a soft vintage glow. Linen or lace curtains offer a hint of nostalgia and welcome privacy yet allow natural light to flow in. Glass apothecary jars, here and there, provide decorative storage. A peek inside your linen closet should reveal wooden and wire storage bins and soft raffia baskets.



And Finally

The Farmhouse aesthetic is more versatile than you may imagine. While there are a few design guardrails, there are no limits on how to incorporate these elements into your bathroom whether your makeover is major in scale or minor in detail.



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