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Meet Jody Babilonia

Meet Jody Babilonia, sales and design consultant, and dedicated fund raiser, Frank Webb's Bath Center Springfield, MA.

She brings you…
three years experience in decorative plumbing on top of many years in the log home and post-and-beam home businesses. She also worked at a lumberyard, consulted for a design-build company, and then expanded into lighting.

At U Mass Amherst , Jody created her own specialized program in Home Design Technology, a combination of Building Materials &  Wood Technology and Interior Design that has since become a recognized major.

Frank Webb’s Bath Center brought her in for her lighting expertise. “Then it was a natural progression to plumbing  with my contractor background. I love it because I’m still  designing layouts and helping people with their homes to make their lives better. This is the most incredible company, and it’s fun to come to work everyday. Decorative plumbing is constantly changing with new products and technology.”

She specializes…
in new construction and all types of remodeling from home additions to enlarging a bath, to simply replacing a faucet. Jody works with homeowners as well as general contractors and plumbers on both spec houses and custom homes. 

She recommends…
coming to see her before you’ve done a plan for your project. That way, she can find out what’s important to you and ensure your new bath will meet all your needs. “For example, how do you want your shower to function? Are you a gardener who comes in and wants a  quick rinse, or a yoga instructor who needs body jets?  We may want to change the location of your tub or shower depending on your needs. 

“If you come to us too late and decisions have already been made, there may be little we can do, if say, your contractor put in your showerhead too low.”

She also wants to understand the timeframe of your project to be sure products will be available when you need them.

She’ll give you…

homework to do, sending you out with brochures to study and report back on what you like.  First, she’ll find out what inspires you, perhaps Pinterest, Houzz, a friend’s home, or something else.  Then she can narrow down the choices to, say, the  five top toilets that would work for you. Your assignment will be to review them at home!

She helps… 
by explaining the features and benefits of  products. Take for example, the DXV Fitzgerald toilet that is a favorite of hers for traditional New England homes. She explains the benefits of features you may not notice, such as the skirted bottom, the trip lever on the front versus the side, and the fact that it’s a two-piece toilet so it’s easy to install but has the look of a one-piece.

Jody believes it is crucial for her to be educated about everything on the showroom floor, so she can help you find the individual products that suit your needs.  “We do our due diligence and share our knowledge.” 

She eases the stress…
by reassuring homeowners they aren’t stuck with something forever. “Yes it’s an investment,  but if you decide you want to change something in a few years, it can be done.  People panic and get overwhelmed, but it’s not do or die. Get comfortable with your choices and be happy with them. Don’t dwell on something too long.”

She understands…
it can be tough figuring out a budget. “It’s not just the price of the product, there’s so much more involved, like labor for deconstruction and installation. Even changing out a showerhead can require a whole trim package and perhaps access to valves behind the wall.” With her expertise, Jody can help you spend wisely. 

She goes beyond… 
product selection by offering design and layout assistance thanks to her contractor background. And she works on your behalf behind the scenes, coordinating details with contractors and plumbers, organizing deliveries, checking on orders “and basically chasing our tails to keep your project moving.”

She enjoyed….
the challenge of redoing a master bath in a log home. Without typical walls, locating everything required a lot of creativity so nothing was obtrusive. “It turned out spectacularly and was a lot of fun.”  
Because she once lived in a Victorian herself, Jody also loved working on an attic renovation where the room was taken down to the studs. “It was fun coming up with the vision and seeing it all come together.” 

But it wasn’t just about the esthetics. There were logistical challenges such as figuring out how to get the tub up a narrow flight of stairs. “With projects like these, it’s not just ‘here is your faucet, have a nice day.’  In New England we put bathrooms in places we probably shouldn’t like under a staircase or other spots with a small footprint.”

She stays current…
by being a “magazine-aholic” reading everything from  Log Home Living to Southern Living, to Architectural Digest, and of course, Houzz and other websites. In her market she’s noticing a trend toward European-influenced wall hung vanity cabinets and toilets, along with vessel sinks. 

She loves…

the DXV Golden Era Movement with its True Expressions of Tradition.  She adores “anything Fitzgerald,”  plus the single-hole Keefe vessel faucet. “The collections fit so much of what we do today.” The Fitzgerald is her favorite toilet.  She admits, “having a favorite toilet may seem pathetic, but it’s what I do!”


Fitzgerald Suite from DXV Golden Era Movement


Keefe Vessel Faucet from DXV Golden Era Movement


She dedicates…
her free time to fund raising for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, as well as reading, arts and crafts, and camping.  “Actually we call it glam-ping. We have satellite TV, central air and all the comforts of home!”