Wilderness North


It all started in 1960 when Wilderness North founder John J. Mark, an aviation enthusiast and air force veteran, first came to Canada from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Arriving in his own planes, John, affectionately known as Jack, quickly developed a fascination with the wide open space that is Northern Ontario. Over the next 30 years of flying in for his own fixes of the North, Jack made a decision, this part of the world was to be shared, and in 1990 he purchased his first outpost cabin and Wilderness North was born. Through it all Jack had a clear vision – to open up the great Canadian wilderness to everyone who shared his passion for Canada and the wilderness.


This adventure is an angler’s dream. A solo experience, the guest will be flown into a prime fishing
zone from an outpost, and left to enjoy fishing in the great outdoors without human interruption.


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