Meredith Heron

Meredith Heron

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Modern Gatsby


The Modern Gatsby is Opulent without being ostentatious. It is both Decadent & Luxurious but shows restraint, a hallmark of it’s contemporary sensibility. It combines the best of Art Deco with the modern conveniences we have come to expect in bathrooms. It allows one to preen & pamper and to luxuriate in the ritual itself.

The DXV products stand out against the rich cool blue greys that adorn the walls. The floor, by New Ravenna, is a classic Art Deco geometric design that is plays out in dramatic Gatsby-esque fashion. A Modern Gatsby space would not be possible without a little Gilding - which only Zia Priven’s breathtaking lighting could provide.

Archways lead one into spaces that are personal & functional. The fireplace & ottoman however create both a showy & intimacy that transform this space beyond the functional.

An escape, a stage on which the personal story of it’s owner gets told each day. This is thetrue heart of the home - where all the secrets are kept.