Curating a Modern Vintage Bathroom

Jan 22, 2021

Combining the words ‘modern’ and ‘vintage’ may seem contradictory. In fact, the two design styles perfectly describe the Art Deco aesthetic: a blend of clean, geometric lines complemented by vintage touches including the richness of brass, the warmth of wood, or the classic appeal of marble. The modern vintage bathroom gives you the best of both worlds and here is how to create a look that will stand the test of time.



What Makes It Vintage?

Beyond décor, creating a modern vintage space requires careful curation to invoke the ambiance of a bygone era that works today. Luckily, inspiration is everywhere. From old movies that capture the glamour of Hollywood to artwork, architecture, distinct color palettes, luxurious materials, and fixtures from the period, the essential elements are readily accessible, and curation is the key.




Nothing says Art Deco like penny, hexagonal or checkered tiles. Considered to be an upgrade from the hardwood bathroom floors of the Classic era, tiles allow for more creativity when installing them. Customization, such as clustering tiles into floral shapes or alternating colors for a checkered effect, can create a simple yet striking impression.

 bathroom tile with shoes




The options are unlimited and offer you the most flexibility in personalizing your modern vintage space. Subway tiles are a classic favorite and provide a decorative bridge between the vintage Art Deco vibe and minimalist modernity. Wallpaper is an ideal way to highlight the geometric line work that was quintessential to the Art Deco design movement. In fact, anything “gilded” is an homage to the era. When choosing a vintage wallpaper pattern, be sure to balance the look with sleek, modern touches that add a hint of glamour and sparkle. When choosing a paint color palette, the deep jewel tones of navy, teal, or emerald will garner the most impact, invoking the opulence of the era and providing an impressive backdrop for period fixtures.

 bathroom sinks


Sinks & Bathtubs

Cinematic Sinks & Faucets  

The elegant silhouette and flowing lines of a porcelain pedestal sink feel particularly right for a Hollywood glam bathroom. Why not make your space a bit more unique with a console sink that reveals exposed piping. The pop of metal piping against a jewel-toned wall replicates the geometric lines that were prevalent during the Golden Era movement. The new Belshire Collection from DXV honors the Golden Era perfectly with a striking marble console and faceted sink combination that reflects the geometric lines of the period in a sleek design with a distinctly modern aesthetic.


The perfect faucet, like a fine piece of jewelry, accentuates with statement-making style. The DXV Belshire Collection faucets bring unexpected opulence to the space, especially when contrasted with timeless Carrara marble countertops. With options for low-spout and high-spout faucets, there’s a solution to bring the sparkle of the Art Deco era into any bathroom.

 bathroom sink


Glittering Bathtubs, Fillers & Showerheads  

Carrying those touches of metal throughout the space will give your bathroom visual harmony and a truly curated feel. Pair your Belshire Collection faucets with the matching shower and bathtub accessories, transforming an everyday routine into a truly extraordinary experience. The Belshire Faucet Collection, rich in character and substance, is defined by precise faceted edges on the cross or cushion handles, tub spout, and a slender, single-function hand shower.


Each piece captures the opulence and glamour of the Art Deco period, reimagined for today. As a focal point that invites relaxation, the Belshire Freestanding Soaking Tub from DXV knows no rival. This exquisite bathtub is both elegant and essential when creating a serene, spa-like ambiance.

 bath with faucets



The Final Touches

Bring your design to the next level with some era-inspired final touches. Keep the accessories light to maintain the modernity of the Art Deco design, making sure each accessory serves a purpose. Every detail makes a difference, so try a metal-rimmed mirror to match the metal touches in the space. Or swap out toothbrush holders and soap dispensers for marble-replicas.


There are plenty of ways to personalize your modern vintage space to exude the opulence and glamour of the Art Deco era. Next steps: watch a few of your old favorite movies and pay attention to what you like about the interior design, then adapt it to work for you.



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