DXV 2018 Design Panel Unveils “Art Infusion”

Sep 12, 2018

Stylish Bathroom Vignettes Reimagine Artful Living, Interpreting Four Iconic Artistic Movements

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (September 12, 2018) ― What happens when art ceases to be aloof and untouchable. and becomes an integral part of everyday life? Luxury brand DXV, part of LIXIL, explores the world of painting, sculpture, photography, and design by unveiling “Art Infusion,” created by the DXV 2018 Design Panel.

“Art Infusion” takes inspiration from the shapes, color palettes, and styles of four essential artistic movements: Classic Impressionism, Geometric Abstraction, the Mid-Century Sculpture Garden, and Contemporary Photography.

DXV presents exceptional bathroom and kitchen collections that reimagine the most influential design movements of the past 150 years. DXV provides an exclusive offering for discerning designers, architects and high-end consumers who are inspired by beautiful, meticulously crafted products that allow them to achieve their vision and express their personal style.

This year’s DXV Design Panel members ― John Kelsey and Sally Wilson, Jonathan Legate, Laura Muller, and Alan Tanksley ― have distinguished themselves by earning recognition from influential design award programs, sharing their expertise in high-profile publications and directing successful design businesses.

The DXV 2018 Design Panel created the following bath vignettes:

Sally Wilson and John Kelsey – “Classic Impressionism,” (1890-1920)

This husband and wife team are co-owners of their Boston-based firm, Wilson Kelsey Design.

Throughout Wilson and Kelsey’s vignette, graceful shapes inspired by water, lilies, and other elements of the natural world reflect the pastoral settings often depicted in impressionist paintings. Echoing the oval shape of the room, the Lowell freestanding soaking tub and Contemporary floor mount tub filler highlight softly arched design lines.

“We selected faucets with a certain amount of organic form,” explained Wilson. “What we really liked about the Rem Collection is its curvaceous form that looks almost like a waterfall,” added Kelsey.

Although impressionism is now seen as a traditional style of painting, it was viewed as an avant-garde movement back in its time. Wilson and Kelsey sought to capture the experimental nature of the movement by infusing a traditional space with contemporary techniques and design elements. The room’s stunning glass tile mosaic was created using design software and then assembled robotically. The modern design of the mosaic is also echoed in the contrasting water closet with the minimalist DXV Modulus wall-mounted toilet and padded, copper-colored sculptural wall tiles.

For more on Wilson and Kelsey, and their designs, visit www.wilsonkelseydesign.com.

Alan Tanksley – “Geometric Abstraction,” (1920-1950)
Based in New York City, Alan Tanksley is among America’s leading practitioners of residential design, detailed interior space planning and custom furniture and fixture design.


In this room, Tanksley lays a foundation of geometric floor tiles that make a striking architectural statement, replacing the primary colors often used by abstract artists with neutral tones that create a restful environment. Randall shower heads and trim, and the Fitzgerald toilet and bidet play against the powerful geometries of the floor tiles in a reflection of the design sensibilities of the Golden Era.

Tanksley's mix of product selections—from the Randall faucet collection to the Pop rectangle vessel lavatory — echo how past and present can work together to create novel artistic expressions. The Fitzgerald freestanding soaking tub is the focal point of the room, artfully centered in front of delicate draperies, invoking additional contrasts in texture and form.

“Having a variety of things that play well together in a design space is more interesting. The DXV line is brilliant because it answers so many different perspectives,” said Tanksley.


His resulting design, a well-orchestrated dance of soft and bold, of old and new, offers a cool and charismatic respite to the bather.

For more on Tanksley and his designs, visit www.alantanksley.com.

Jonathan Legate – “Mid-Century Sculpture Garden,” (1950-1990)
Driven not only by clients’ tastes and requirements but by their personalities, Jonathan Legate creates homes that express the essential natures of their owners.

For his DXV space, Legate invokes a fresh, airy and open feeling within an enclosed space. Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors, = a living wall of ivy and water pools embellishes his bathing pavilion. Paintings and sculptures in bright, primary hues celebrate the quiet shapes of the sleek bath fixtures, such as the AT200 LS SpaLet integrated bidet toilet and Cossu wall mounted lavatory, which are displayed like pieces of art.

A vanity becomes a floating display space for small artworks thanks to the restrained design of the Pop under counter lavatory. Featured throughout the room, the sleek and stylish Percy bath and shower faucets exude simple, clean elegance.

Legate’s goal was to create a space that feels like a functional and inviting gallery, highlighting bright colors and attention-grabbing shapes against minimalist white walls.


“I believe that DXV is living with art. Every bathroom fixture in this space is a piece of art because they’re all very sculptural and artistic in form. And every day should be lived with art,” said Legate.

For more on Legate and his designs, visit www.jonathanlegate.com.



Laura Muller – “Contemporary Photography,” (1990-Today)
Based in Los Angeles, Laura Muller’s company, Four Point Design Build, weaves together contemporary and traditional styles, resulting in clean, modern spaces.

Taking inspiration from the light and shadow technique in photography, Muller created a warm, contemporary bathing space. Intimate and sensual, the room was designed to respond artfully as natural light moves from morning to afternoon to twilight to moonlight.

The inviting DXV Modulus freestanding soaking tub provides a meditative focal point. Reclaimed teak flooring helps to tie the elements of this shadow-shifting room together. Muller chose to feature fixtures and fittings from the DXV Modulus collection, which offers functional design highlighting softly angular lines and forms.


“What I love about the DXV Modulus collection is that it’s straightforward and logical to use, but also sexy and beautiful. It is everything we could think of for a contemporary space,” explained Muller.

For more on Muller and her designs, visit www.fourpointdesignbuild.com.

DXV luxury kitchen and bath products are available at kitchen and bath showrooms nationwide. To learn more, visit dxv.com or call (800) 227-2734.








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DXV is a portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products that reimagines the most influential design movements during the past 150 years: Classic (1890-1920), Golden Era (1920-1950), Modern (1950-1990), and Contemporary (1990-Present). The brand has been recognized with 23 product innovation and design awards in the past four years. DXV is part of LIXIL, a global leader in housing and building materials products and services. Learn more at www.dxv.com, or follow us at facebook.com/dxv, twitter.com/DXV, youtube.com/DXVLuxury, pinterest.com/dxv, instagram.com/dxvluxury.

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LIXIL is part of the LIXIL Group Corporation (TSE Code: 5938), the listed holding company for LIXIL’s portfolio of businesses.


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AT200®, Cossu®, DXV Modulus®, Equility®, Fitzgerald®, Percy®, Pop®, Randall®, Rem®, SpaLet®, and St. George® are registered trademarks of AS America, Inc.



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