2017 DXV Design Panel

Nominate your favorite designer - and it may be yourself!

DXV is proud to announce the fourth DXV Design Panel project for 2017. The coveted program that invites leading designers to “Reinvent the Classics” will once again challenge four individuals or small teams to create an inspired design concept using the DXV portfolio of products.


The final projects will receive media exposure through print coverage, social media campaigns and will be the DXV national ad campaign in leading shelter magazines which is why we want to make sure we consider all designers who feel they have what it takes to be a part of the DXV Design Panel. Please review the steps below and nominate your absolutely favorite designers which can, of course, include yourself.


Thank you for your interest in the DXV 2017 Design Panel. The nomination period has ended. Stay tuned as we will be announcing the 2017 Design Panel in January 2017.


Step 1

From all nominations, our panel of judges will select four designers/teams whose work best aligns with the four DXV Movements of Classic, Golden Era, Modern and Contemporary. You can find previous years' projects in the links below.


Step 2

Designers will create concepts, working drawings and renderings as well as detailed material lists in collaboration with our DXV project management team to ensure timely and concise design and execution on par with the designer’s vision. Deadline for all drawings and material lists will be early February.


Step 3

DXV will build the four concepts in their photo studios in collaboration with the designers and a professional team of project managers, stylists and set builders. The designers will be flown to meet with the team to kick off the project in January/February 2017 and again for the photo shoot in April 2017.


Step 4

The final designs will be professionally photographed, published in the luxuriously printed DECADEFIFTEEN Inspired Resources and will become the national ad campaign for DXV with mention of the designer.