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Meet Sarah Thomas

Meet Sarah Thomas, showroom manager and professional photographer, Torrco Design Center, East Windsor, CT.
She brings you…

a lifetime of experience in the world of plumbing. “With my father being a Master Plumber, I had the opportunity to climb under mobile homes to defrost frozen pipes and help him with numerous plumbing calls.”

After graduating from Bay Path College in Longmeadow, MA and having her first daughter, she thought teaching was what she would love to do. "But little did I know the plumbing industry was truly in my blood.  My father told me the local supply house was hiring, the hours were perfect for a new mom, and I felt comfortable with the business having been around the supply house all my life.” So she started in the small showroom filled with sunlight-yellow tubs and sky-blue toilets. 

Fast-forward 14 years, she now manages a 1600-sq.-ft. and growing showroom and is proud to have earned multiple Top Sales Performance Awards. 

“Little did I know I would be involved in the sales of toilets, tubs and faucets, helping customers with the design of their bathrooms, and helping plumbers with the technical aspects of plumbing, pipes valves and fittings!

“Having not only the design aspect, but also the first-hand technical knowledge of plumbing gives my clients the confidence to work with me.

“I still get excited about all the new products in my showroom. I love what I do, enjoy meeting new people and helping  create a space they have dreamt of for years.” 

She specializes in… 

a wide range of projects from new homes to remodeling jobs. These can be anything from a simple faucet replacement to small half baths to full master bathrooms. 

She’s adept…

at handling complex jobs. The most fun project she worked on was a new five-bathroom home with kitchen, bar and pantry. Oh, yes, and a bathroom for the horse!

“The clients, a referral, had visited multiple showrooms, and at first were hesitant to come see me as I was more than two hours away.  They travel a ton, so it was hard to figure out timing and when to communicate, but I ended up working closely with the general contractor to help the process. I was able to visit the home under construction, and of course there were a ton of e-mail exchanges. 

“I loved working with them, helping select products, and even after their hearts were set on some things, letting them know about other options and then having them trust me.

“I’ll forever remember this project!”

She will help you…

by finding out what inspires you.  “I try to focus on products that will give you what you are looking for, in terms of both style and what fits your budget. 

“By listening to your needs, I will help guide you to make the selection process smooth versus overwhelming. 

“I always want my customers to be thrilled with their products and the service I provide.”

She promises…
her clients she will be here for them if they ever have any questions or need anything.

“Torrco Design Center has been in business for 98 years.  It’s our job to make sure your visit with us is successful, and our number one priority is to ensure your experience with us is productive and valuable.

“The products we sell will stand the test of time, and if they don’t, I want to hear about it. I want to be the first to know, to be able to help you in any way I possibly can. We’re not just here to process the sale, but to create an experience for you, one you want to tell your friends and family about.”

She advises…

you to realize that you have choices. 

“It’s one thing to have a plumber come to your house and just put in a faucet that he has on his truck. But it’s something totally different when you select a piece of jewelry for your home that you like to see, touch and feel daily. It is important to know your options.”
She warns you…

not to assume products sold in a plumbing design showroom are the same as those sold in a big box store or online.

“It is far from that. Often plumbers come in and say ‘so and so was in the showroom, but your prices were higher so they bought online. But they are missing the valves!’ Well, there’s a reason why our prices were higher. It’s because we included everything needed for the job.

“I understand about being price conscious, but I also encourage consumers if they find a price 'cheaper' somewhere else to please let me know.  There are usually reasons why things appear to be 'less' expensive.    

“Some people think a toilet is just a toilet, or a faucet is just a faucet. But once you see, touch and feel our products-- something you cannot typically do even at a big box store or online-- I promise our products will be different.  

“Our warranties alone will pay for themselves. And that’s on top of our selection, experience and service.”

She understands…
the hardest thing for people who are remodeling or building a bathroom is visually anticipating what the finished space will look like.

“I try to help them visualize their project and I just love to receive photos and emails and cards telling me how thankful clients are for my design and products I helped them select. But of course, they are the ones who made the decisions, not me.” 

She recommends…
setting aside sufficient time to spend in the showroom.  “Some people come in thinking they will only need a few minutes of our time, but before they know it, it’s been two hours.  ‘I never knew there would be so many choices’ they say.”

She goes above and beyond…
product selection, by working with your plumbers and/or builders to make sure the products you select will work on your project and that they understand how to install them.  

“It’s not just about what it looks like, but how it functions and making sure every component they need will be there so there are no surprises in the end.  

“I will be there every step of the way. Clients are more than welcome to have my personal cell phone number. There have been so many times when a client texts me photos of the job in progress along with questions that come up, not only about the fixtures but also about paint, decorative pieces or more.”

She is seeing…
a lot more chrome and more simple lines in her rather traditional New England area where classic has always been a winner.  “ I used to sell a lot of linen and brushed nickel but am finding a lot more white and chrome these days.”

She loves…
the Golden Era DXV Design Movement with its Fitzgerald, Keefe,  Pop and Randall collections. 


Fitzgerald Suite from DXV Golden Era Movement


Pop Collection from DXV Golden Era Movement (Designer credit to Mary Douglas Drysdale from the DXV 2014 Design Panel)

“Its refined and thought-out styles aren’t too bold or ‘different.’ These are products I believe will be timeless.

“I can’t wait  to see what other styles and designs DXV comes out with.

She is passionate about…
being with her family, watching her daughter dance, and her son play and entertain others.  “I continue to learn from them daily. My husband is my biggest fan in life. He encourages me in so many ways.  Even when I am out he mentions to others, ‘Sarah, can get you that toilet or faucet you are looking for or did you see the new spalet?’ This is what starts up a great conversation about DXV to others that have never heard about it!  

“I can’t thank my parents enough for giving me unconditional support even when it was most difficult for them. Life is too short and I strive to make the best for them.  I am passionate about everything I do daily, whether its work or play I put love into everything!”

Her second passion is photography, seeing the light of life through a different angle.  “I own my own photography business so I know how important it is being true to myself and to my clients.  I love capturing (and creating) special moments to last a lifetime and enjoying every day with a smile.”