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Meet Beth Brown

Meet Beth Brown, showroom consultant, new mom and 175-lb. Great Dane owner, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, Raleigh NC.

She brings you…
13 years of experience in the decorative plumbing field.

“This has been my first and only job. I started right out of college and love it, especially the creativity. Each project is different and it’s fun to get to know my customers personally and help them achieve their new home goals.”

“I have done so many projects, I can share my experience and bring a different point of view to your job, suggesting things that perhaps you haven’t thought of.”

She specializes…

in high-end custom residences, working with people who are building their “forever home” where details are especially important.  She also works on some large remodeling projects, where clients are taking their home down to the studs and starting fresh.

She enjoys…

projects where the whole family gets involved, like a recent one where even the grandkids came in and selected their faucet and sink for the bunk bedroom bath.

“This home is where they are going to gather for holidays and birthdays, and share memories. Each space was thought out for who is going to use it. It was cool to be part of it and get to know the family.”

It’s important to her…
to understand both the fashion and function aspects of your project. What overall style do you like? What are your needs and priorities? Who is using the bath? Kids? Adults only? 

“Of course I need to know what your budget is as well, so I can recommend the best products for you.

“I want to become educated on what you are trying to achieve so I can make the whole process easy and positive for you.”

She recommends…
starting by selecting the faucets. “They are the first thing you touch in the morning and the last thing you touch at night. They get the most use in your bath. We think about what is comfortable in your hand and how it feels, and of course how it looks!

“Once we see whether you are drawn to curves or something more lineal, for example, then we can go on to design the rest of the bath to coordinate with your selection.”

She understands…

a custom home is a big financial commitment and it can be difficult to make a decision because there are so many styles and options available.

“Is can be stressful to build, but it can also be fun. We’ll help you so at the end of the project you can sit back and be proud of, and happy with, your final decisions.”

She will make it easy…

by educating you, narrowing down choices and directing you to products that fit your needs. “I can simplify the process so you are not overwhelmed. This way, we stay focused and save you time.”

She advises…
you not to cut corners or compromise on your dreams. “Plumbing fixtures are permanent. They can’t easily be switched out, so it’s important to spend the money up front for what you want. 

“If you are thinking of upgrading to a deeper tub, now is the time to do it.  In the shower, go for the rain head shower if that’s what you really want. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a separate handheld shower. Upgrade to individual temperature and volume controls.  You will enjoy them for years to come.

“Sometimes people decide not to do something and then wish they had done what they really wanted.  We want people to be comfortable in their homes and appreciate the quality and detail for the long term without regrets.”

She sees… 

clients gravitating toward simplicity.  “It’s the whole ‘less is more’ philosophy.  People value fresh, clean, more contemporary lines.  Now we are doing whole houses in chrome, whereas it used to be just for a secondary bath. At the same time we are seeing more color like gold in some areas.”

She appreciates…

the versatility of the DXV Classic Design Movement born of quality and craftsmanship.  “Day in and day out, it’s timeless and very fresh. Regardless of the style of the home, it always works.”

She is particularly fond of the Oak Hill Collection that preserves the authenticity and spirit of the traditional farmhouse with today’s modern conveniences. “It’s casual and the simplicity is perfect. Yet it can be luxurious as well.” 


The Oak Hill Collection from DXV Classic Movement

She loves…
spending time with her husband and two “sons.” The youngest, an 8-month-old; the elder, Newman, a Great Dane who weighs in at 175 pounds. 

To keep up with them all, she runs, spins and lifts weights. “Working out is my outlet. It keeps me positive and energized.” 


Beth and her family