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DXV Design Panel- Where are they now? Corey Klassen CKD, CBD


Where am I now? Where do I begin???

Corey Klassen’s Industrial Loft Design for DXV

The experience of being on DXV’s Design Panel was so utterly incomparable to anything I ever thought I could do - ever. So I guess I decided to top it and take over the world a bit. Not really, but wow, what a 2014.

I earned my Certified Bathroom Designer designation and added it to my Certified Kitchen Designer designation, thus toppling the 2 certifications in a year theory, because I did it.

I had always maintained a small firm, myself and maybe the odd contract assistant when needed, but after growing our gross revenue 950% over last year (I'm not kidding!!) I took on two new employees. It's been a bit of a learning curve, a few balls were dropped, and there is still so much to get just right.

In January at KBIS, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, I really outdid myself and took home First Place Small Kitchen. It was my second year in a row to receive a big glass trophy but First Place? I can't believe it still. After authoring a new NKBA course, co-authoring a second, and the overall Design & Construction Week experience I am amazed I made it out alive.

 Industrial Kitchen Designed by Corey Klassen Industrial Loft Designed by Corey KlassenIndustrial Loft Designed by Corey Klassen Industrial Loft Designed by Corey KlassenCorey Klassen’s Industrial Loft Design for DXV

And there were our design projects. The project above went on to be published in Gray Magazine, and it's really a highlight for me. I'm sure I'll have more to come because we just picked up our second heritage home renovation. Now that's something I never thought we'd do - character houses. It just goes to show that design is objective.

My new business strategy is a simple one: do it well. If that means slowing down and taking time for me, that's what we do. If it means that we need to take more time and connect more dots together on a project, that's what we do too. If it means that we rewrite our entire business model to fit the new thinking client, we are already under way with everything from marketing communications to analyzing projects with a post mortem report. Identifying the wellness in the business is key to managing our exponential growth. I've given away too much already.

What's next for us in 2015 is hard to say, I have a few things in the works, but I'm sure I'll come up with something to fill the next 9 months.

To learn more about Corey and his work please visit his website at or find him on Twitter or Facebook