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Out of the box: Retro Style in the Kitchen

The classic curves of the iconic Airstream have captivated design lovers off and on since the early 1930's when Wally Byam launched his first version of what was soon to be legend. He wanted to create a traveling vehicle that would be comfortable to sleep in and move like “a stream of air” when on the road and he did. But he also created a timeless design, one that would often be challenged by more angular features but that would never be forgotten.

DeVol Airstream

The classical shape of the original Airstream has been around since 1931

Not only are these soft shapes not forgotten, vintage inspired curves are back with a vengeance as Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg has just demonstrated at Westedge Design Fair in Santa Monica. (For more highlights from Westedge click here.)  Smeg's newest collection of countertop and major appliances defies arguments for space efficiency and ergonomics and, instead, focuses on vibrant or, as shown here, classical colors and retro shapes.

SMEG Appliances

Launched this summer, Smeg's range of counter top appliances takes a gorgeous step back in time

Available in the US in 2015, Smeg cooking appliances will perfectly compliment their retro-look refrigerators

Taking the curvy look one step further is British cabinet manufacturer DeVol. DeVol is known for much more classic and quintessentially British kitchen designs, think painted finishes and simple lines but a couple of years ago they too created a statement collection that is all about that retro look.

The Airstream inspired kitchen by DeVol turned heads at 100% Design in London both, for its unusual shapes as well as its material choices which ranged from natural woods, to metals to post formed doors made from LG Hi-Macs Polyester, a material that lends itself to creating those sumptuous curves.

Painted finishes and clean lines are the hallmark of British kitchens

Every detail took its inspiration from airstream, curves, metals and even rivets to complete the look

Using doors and side panels made of LG HiMacs solid surface allowed DeVol to create curves with ease and elegance

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