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DXV Window Series: Susan Serra

  • Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC
  • Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC
  • Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC - Orchard
  • Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC - Orchard at Night
  • Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC - Spot

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, so perhaps that means that a window, a beautifully designed shop window in particular, bares the soul of that shop? We certainly like to think of it that way as we unveil, month after month and from summer to winter, six beautiful interpretations created by notable New York designers for the DXV flagship showroom in the Flatiron District. 

The monthly exhibit series began last month with DXV Designer Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS from Long Island New York who  who is also the founder of Bornholm Kitchen, a line of Scandinavian-style custom cabinetry. 

Susan explains her vision for the design: “The theme of the windows was about the kitchen being a unique environment in the home where all five senses reside - sometimes in chaos, sometimes in order.  The forms of the DXV pieces communicate beauty. Their simple, straightforward designs encourage the owner to use the pieces in fresh, and multiple, ways, saying goodbye to old, single-use habits.
The sink and faucets I specified both fulfill and support important functional needs via quality materials, performance and ergonomic flexibility. There is no question that the use of water, the starting point of most meals, is the foundational element in the kitchen”. 

For her first window, Susan used inspiration from the modern lines of the Contemporary Collection pot filler combined with mid-century modern furnishings and vintage art  from the mid 40's that all share a cool, clean sensibility and, at the same time, add warmth and a sense of comfort to modern design.

Susan says: “Both windows are connected by the same conceptual message, but I was able to communicate a little different insight into the creativity of the cooking process in the left window by introducing flowing fabric, the visual beauty of foods via the painting from 1945, a classic modern Scandinavian style. The use of classic modern tables support the simple and timeless design of the pot filler. The dishes represent the purpose and meaning of all the effort that came before the food was presented in its final form - thus, too, the elegant dinnerware in each window underscores the integrity of the finished repast.”

Susan's second window evokes the message “from chaos comes order” through disparate elements like garden mulch, fine china plates and fresh artichokes that all come together in a perfect symphony, centered around DXV's stainless Orchard Farm Sink and the Fresno culinary faucet in polished chrome. 

Susan goes on to explain: “The chaotic display of the pots in the background juxtaposed with the brown chips representing the earthy nature of the cooking process, the simple and useful forms of the DXV products and finally the end result being the ultimate display of order as seen in the rows of plates, provides the (sensual) realization that all five senses come into play in different combinations throughout the ebbs and flows of the cooking process.” 

Susan Serra Window Design DXV NYC

Coming up next: DXV window display designed by by Sophia Chan, Senior Associate/Director of NY Hospitality at VOA Architecture on August 21 here on Decade XV.