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Seven Stand-Out Products at Decorex That Channel Nature in Surprising New Ways

Luisa Peixoto Drop cabinetsDecorex is the flagship luxury event held during the London Design Festival. An attendee at Decorex is bombarded with eye candy with every turn of the head. Try it sometime after a night flight spent in coach!

But a close look around this year’s trade show reveals a surprising trend among the new introductions. From rugs to lighting (and everything in between), one of the most interesting and prominent trends were designs inspired by nature.

But we are not talking mere flora and fauna on wallpaper and textiles, although there was plenty of that. Rather, the big news came from those designers who pushed the envelope expressing natural motifs in new and creative ways. Some products had elemental themes like water, air or our universe. When plant or animal life were used, the designers interpreted those motifs in an uncommonly unique manner.

Here are seven stand-out, products at Decorex where the design is driven by natural motifs.

First up is Lapicida’s “Sun and Moon” coffee table made from stunning marble and brass. Designed by Laura Bohinc, the “Sun and Moon” coffee table is inspired by our planetary system and orbital movement.
Lapicida’s Sun and Moon coffee table
The figuring on Lapicida’s marble and brass, “Sun and Moon” coffee table is especially fine.

Designer Wendy Morrison also was inspired by our solar system. She introduced a rug featuring the sun, sure to make any designer smile. Called “Sunburst”, it’s central sun and extending shooting rays provide a built-in focal point.
Wendy Morrison Sunburst rug
Wendy Morrison’s “Sunburst” rug references our solar system and has Art Deco overtones.

In the lighting category, Temple & Ivy’s lamps, some with real feathers for the shade, feature lamp bases with bird legs based on the legs of actual flamingos, ducks and ostriches, among other birds. The designers were inspired by their travels, particularly childhood journeys to Zimbabwe.
Temple & Ivy Lamp
A lamp by Temple & Ivy together with a detail image from the feather shade. The base of this lamp is derived from the bird in the Audubon print.

Also in the lighting category are the grand offerings by Serip. Dubbed “organic lighting” by the company, each one certainly would make a dramatic statement in a room. Serip’s “Wind” light evokes large reeds dancing in the breeze.
Serip Wind light
Serip’s “Wind” light is inspired by reeds dancing in the wind.

For Serip’s light series “Nenufar,” they were inspired by water. Some have compared the light to the body of Medusa.
Serip Nenufar light series
“Nenufar” evokes water and sea life.

On the furniture front, Luisa Peixoto’s “Drop” cabinets also were inspired by water. The beautifully textured faces resemble the rings created when a drop of water hits a smooth pool.
Luisa Peixoto Drop cabinets
Luisa Peixoto’s “Drop” cabinets show lovely texture inspired by drops of water.

Natural motifs also were seen in home accessories like tabletop. Sure nature has long been a theme in porcelain and ceramic objects. Yet the designs introduced by Bodo Sperlein for German china maker Dibbern expressed nature in an elegantly minimal way. Their Black Forest range is especially zen.
Bodo Sperlein’s Black Forest china
Bodo Sperlein’s Black Forest china is elegantly spare.

While there are many, many beautiful items to discover at Decorex, one thing is very clear. When thinking about how to make the inside of the home beautiful, designers and homeowners would be well served to consider the glorious outdoors.

Photo credits: Images of the Sunburst rug from Wendy Morrison’s website. Full size image of Serip’s wind light from their website, detail shot my own. Image of Luisa Peixoto’s “Drop” cabinets from her website. All other photos by Lynn Byrne.