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Flying High at High Point Furniture Market

Great design makes me high.  What?  You thought I meant something else?  Sorry, but I still don’t think you will be disappointed.  Read on for the highs at Spring High Point Market.

1. Nature is Trending
Nature was the muse for designs across Market.  It was everywhere from the smaller individual designers to the large showrooms.  Some of the best included designs by Tommy Mitchell, Michael Aram and Koket. 

Tommy Mitchell, known for his tole flowers, presented gorgeous lighting featuring butterflies.  


Tommy Mitchell’s Butterfly Chandelier

Michael Aram also seemed to favor the butterfly motif.  He designed a cocoon light fixture with butterflies emerging from their chrysalis, in various sizes suitable for bunching or perhaps lined up as pendants.

Aram also created several beautiful faux bois tables. 


Cocoon lighting and faux bois table by Michael Aram

  Koket further embellished faux bois by adding in some orchids to decorate a stunning console. 


Koket’s Spellbound Cabinet featuring faux bois and orchids

2. Innovative Finishes
Creativity is everything and it’s wonderful to see it at work.  At this Market, the designers used their creative juices to develop very innovative finishes.   

Some of the most novel finishes were presented by Bernhardt Furniture.   Their crushed mother of pearl finish, appearing on a console, bar cabinet, end table and coffee table, is the perfect foil for today’s interest in brass accents.  So is their white onyx finish seen here as an end table but also available as a coffee table.  Bernhardt also had its way with rattan.   On this chair, by repeated lacquering, they devised a hardened finish rife with texture.  Finally Bernhardt went bold with leather creating a stunning crocodile embossed leather coffee table.


Bernhardt featured many innovative finishes on their new furniture introductions.

Another favorite was found at Kindel Furniture where designer Eric Cohler updated their traditional console by giving it a tortoise shell skin. 

Finally, while not entirely new, it is important to note that many furniture dealers embraced a ceruse finish.  This case piece from Emporium Home is especially handsome as it wraps the ceruse finish around a beautiful bone, starburst pattern in the center.


Eric Cohler updated a Kindel console with a tortoise shell finish.  

Cerused oak was seen throughout market and was particularly attractive on this chest by Emporium Home

3. Forever Classic

Maybe there are some folks that get tired of a greek key, but I am not one of them.  Another motif found everywhere at Market, the greek key was even featured in several rooms at the Junior League of High Point Show House, though never lovelier than in Traci Zeller’s entryway. 


Traci Zeller featured a mirror with greek key in her lovely entry at the Junior League of High Point Show House.

One of the best introductions at Market with a classical twist was Windsor Smith’s home accessories for Arteriors.  Greek keys, laurel leaves and urns abound and are sure to never go out of style. 


Windsor Smith’s new home accessory line for Arteriors features many classical motifs.

Alexa Hampton, renowned for her classical style, outdid herself with her 10th anniversary collection for Hickory Chair. Her riff on the draping of a Greek toga, seen both in a side table and on a dining chair are especially charming. 


Alexa Hampton playfully adapted Greek toga draping to a chair back and side table as part of her new collection for Hickory Chair.

4. Transparency In Everything

Lucite and acrylic are not going anywhere soon.  
A well-priced Lucite bar cart could be found in the Antiques and Design Center—a Market must stop.

More unusual was the appearance of acrylic legs lightening the load on sofas and chairs. Tobi Fairley used this material on several pieces in her new collection for CR Laine.

And perhaps most dramatically, Global Views prominently featured an acrylic chair with a very traditional form—their version of the iconic Ghost Chair. Known as the Marilyn, it is modeled on a chair once own by Marilyn Monroe. 


Lucite remains a strong trend. 

High Point Market can readily be described as a decorator’s Disney World, it is that vast.   Rest assured, however, that you now know the high notes—hangover not included. 

Photo credits:  Windsor Smith table image courtesy of  Arteriors.  Koket Cabinet via Best ID Interior Designers.