Portrait Magazine: Desert Light

DXV Keefe and Fresno Faucets featured in Portrait Magazine

Houzz: Room of the Day: A Luxury Master Bathroom With a Historic Feel

A Napa, California, couple overhaul the only bathroom in their first home to replace a clunky layout and unwelcoming finishes

Metropolis Magazine: PRODUCTSPHERE Clean Solutions

DXV Modulus tub featured in the January 2017 issue of Metropolis Magazine

Testing the Waters with DMLS Faucets

A plumbing products manufacturer is expanding its luxury line with a series of faucets that could only be produced with AM.

14 Cool Faucets That Will Add Excitement to Your Kitchens, Baths

DXV 3D Printed Faucet featured as 1 of 14 cutting-edge kitchen and bath faucets

How to Know If a Soaking Tub Is Right for Your Bathroom

The Oak Hill Soaking Tub provides the comfort and luxury

‘Test-drive’ bathtubs you can’t afford to buy

DXV 3D Printed Faucets Featured at Pirch in Soho

Architectual Digest: 13 Products We Loved at This Year's Kitchen and Bath Show

DXV’s latticelike Vibrato Faucet, which is constructed using a 3-D printer, won the show’s Best of Bath gold award.

Winning Products From KBIS and the Builders’ Show 2016

Architizer.com showcases the winning products from KBIS 2016, such as the Best of Bath: Gold winner- the DXV by American Standard’s Vibrato faucet.

IBS/KBIS Products: 3 Day Wrap-Up

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas was electric, offering thousands of innovative product offerings. Builderonline.com features their most unique finds at the show, such as the DXV 3D Metal Printed Faucets.

Do You Really Need a $10,000 Toilet?

The article written by Shelly Palmer, recaps her experience at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), in Las Vegas. The $31 billion kitchen and bath industry brings together the world’s best designers, craftspeople and technologists in ways that truly impact our daily lives. Here are six things that got her attention.

The First Residential 3D Printed Faucets

American Standard Brands Shows Off Avante-Garde Style with DXV Line

DXV 3D Printed Metal Faucets

Prized as a “showpiece that you’ll absolutely want”, the article 3D Printed Faucet: American Standard on Arch2O.com discusses the unique design of the three first ever 3D metal printed faucets by American Standard. Founded in 2012, Arch2O is a collaborative platform for creative people across the globe that discusses the best of architecture, design and art projects from around the world

Wall Street Journal: 3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Décor

The Wall Street Journal article, “3-D Printing Adds Depth to Home Décor”, discusses how the innovative process of 3D printing is transforming the interior design industry. The recently revealed metal 3D printed faucets by DXV are highlighted as one of the home decor products that are allowing designers more options and versatility.

Finehomebuilding.com: 3D Printed Faucets from DXV by American Standard

The article “3D Printed Faucets from DXV by American Standard” posted on Finehomebuilding.com discusses how 3D printing has evolved from simple prototyping to finished products- such as the first-ever metal 3D faucets by DXV.

New York Spaces Magazine: DXV Unveils Lush, Artful Vignettes

DXV Unveils Exquisite Kitchen and Bath Vignettes Inspired by scenes from classic literature; Luxury Portfolio of Fixtures and Faucets Serve as Focal Points in Dramatic Settings.

Gizmodo.com: These Impossibly Twisted 3D-Printed Faucets Somehow Actually Work

The article “These Impossibly Twisted 3D-Printed Faucets Somehow Actually Work” posted on Gizmodo.com discusses the 3D printed faucets that seem physically impossible with unique designs that are truly stunning.

Design-Milk.com: 3D Printed Faucets- DXV by American Standard

The article “3D Printed Faucets: DXV by American Standard” posted on Design-Milk.com also features the 3D printed faucets in all its glory.

DesignBoom.com: American Standard Splashes Out 'DXV' Line of 3D Printed Metal Faucets

Design Boom.com published an article, “American Standard Splashes out 'DXV' Line of 3D Printed Metal Faucets”, that highlights the unique faucets designs and its functionality. Today, the 3D print article has received over 2,300 shares on Facebook!

ArchitectMagazine.com: These Stunning Faucets are 3D Printed in Metal

The ArchitectMagazine.com article, "These Stunning Faucets are 3D Printed in Metal", discusses the unique design and functionality of the 3D faucets.

3Dprint.com: American Standard Releases First Ever Metal 3D Printed Faucets - And They Are Amazing

The 3Dprint.com article, “American Standard Releases First Ever Metal 3D Printed Faucets — And They Are Amazing”, discusses the manufacturing processes, the design and its impact on the kitchen and bath industry.

Kitchen Bath & Business: American Standard Launches DXV

Kitchen Bath & Business recently featured the launch of DXV.

Dwell.com: A Scandinavian-Inspired Modern Kitchen

To celebrate the launch of American Standard's DXV line, designer Susan Serra creates a modern kitchen inspired by Nordic crafts and contemporary furniture.

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