Corey  Klassen CKD CBD

Corey Klassen CKD CBD

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Lofty Visions


Like a Vancouver Gastown loft with a hint of New York’s Chelsea area’s crispness. The mixing of structural patterns like wood and marble in play with circles, hexagons, squares, and the twist of a double-helix set in a naturalistic setting with the true West-Coast flair. If you take a look at spaces like Revolver or Old Faithful Shoppe, there is a certain mix of wood, brick, old-world patterns, and a new design aesthetic which became the crux of my inspiration.

The bath became a space, or rather a play, on just the right amount of industrial with the right amount of chic. The wood teak penny tiles are the central element to coordinate the design aesthetic. Mixing structural patterns like the wood grains in teak, walnut, fir, and the floor tile along with classical patterns like a hexagon, half-offset subway, and a modernity twist with a sleek mirror. Warm metals and glass paired with a deco tile in the shower that is a pattern that twists like our DNA. A pairing of warm colours with cold to bring the right balance of natural light and the imagery of a box turned inside out.